SMA Solar Technology
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Innovations from the Kilowatt to the Megawatt

For SMA, being successful means: technological leadership, unsurpassed innovation, committed partnership and international experience. We are the only vendor worldwide to supply the right inverter type for any module type and any power class – from kilowatts to megawatts. This applies for grid tied applications as well as for island and backup operation.

Innovation that establish technology trends

SMA – The Future of Solar Technology

A worldwide market leader, SMA develops, produces and sells solar inverters and monitoring systems for photovoltaic systems. As the most important technological component and heart of every solar power plant, SMA solar inverters convert direct current generated by the photovoltaic modules into grid-compliant alternating current. Moreover, as intelligent system managers they are also responsible for yield monitoring and grid management. In addition to their high efficiency, SMA inverters are characterised by a long service life and attractive specific prices.

Service based on experience

The SMA Service

Those opting for a solar power plant are investing for long-term returns. SMA offers leading technology and professional service from a single source. Our service includes a five-year standard warranty on all inverters as well as a variety of service offerings and contracts with validity periods of up to 25 years. Our rapid device replacement service for Sunny Boy and Sunny Mini Central inverters ensures that downtimes are minimised in the event of a "worst case scenario". And if you require direct support, our experts at the service line will be pleased to be of assistance.